Day 3

Fri 28 Nov 2014 18:46
As dawn breaks on watch, the dolphins return and give a great bow riding display. Sat on the front trampoline I am inches from them. They seem to take great delight in the wash between the hulls and when on the point of the bow their tails almost touch.
No great dramas today, but after congratulating myself on overcoming the effects of sea sickness a choppier sea returned with a twist in it that made balance difficult and the return of that hot ,sickly feeling that requires I pop another pil. Off watch it was hard to get a couple of hours sleep due to the waves slamming into the hull as if we had hit a rhino.
After two moonless nights there is a welcome return of a sliver akin to the Cheshire Cats smile.
It has been so dark you cannot see the horizon, only complete inky blackness. All you can see are the nearby white horses breaking on the boat. It goes without saying the stars are amazing when the cloud lifts. Its quite cold now (3AM) and the thermals would have been a good idea, didn't expect that being as we are on the same latitude as the Sahara desert.