30 Nov

Mon 1 Dec 2014 18:43
Been an eventful and busy day. Started off with our first visitor on board, found a flying fish on the foredeck.
Then spent a couple of hours faffing about with our downwind rig in the afternoon. Twin headsails poled out. Looks quite impressive, not giving us the best boat speed at the moment, but at least in the right direction, still we lost a few places overnight.
Saw another ARC yacht just ahead on the AIS system and Greg gave them a shout on the VHF turned out to be another Lagoon 450, Wiki who were having a problem with one of their engines, probably fuel. Unfortunately they had bought the wrong fuel filters for the boat and were in a bit of a dilemma. Ripples II sprung into action (woke up) and off to the rescue. Simon had some spare filters tucked away in the forward locker which were offered up and gratefully accepted.
Then came the interesting part as an hour later we came alongside to pass them over.
Fair bit of preparation before hand as we had packed the filters in a waterproof bag attached to a fender and then a floating line. With Greg supervising, me on the helm, Simon and Nick on the line and Luciano as Film Director, we passed upwind of them and then in front as the line drifted down. Bag promptly picked up by Wiki and our line retrieved. Job done and much self praise on our part. Will get our fender and bag back in St. Lucia, lots of speculation as to what may be inside !

Author, Johnny Braveheart
20:45.6N 032:53.9W