Day Two

Wed 26 Nov 2014 16:22
A fine sail, weather settling nicely, out of sight of land now for the next two weeks.
Around lunchtime we decided we needed to reef the main. as we were dropping it a line got caught at the top of the mast. The next five hours were very entertaining as we tried to free it. Nothing for it but for Simon to don the harness and climb the mast. Easy enough, all you have to do is is climb a forty foot mast in a big swell with nothing but thin wires to hang onto. the top of the mast swings alternately laterally and horizontally ten feet or so as we buck the waves with head to wind.
Simon describes it, trying to grip a smooth aluminium pole with all extremities including jamming his head between the shrouds whilst looking for somewhere to wedge his gentleman equipment then letting go with one hand to tie a bowline whilst not wanting to let go of the contents of his underwear.
It was seriously scary watching as he was flailing in mid air and crashing into the rigging. He is now a fully paid up member of the swingers club.
The rigging got caught again and the honour fell to John to go aloft. Not as high as the now exhausted Simon, but he scampered up like a howler monkey. job done, and a lot of lost leeway, but thankfully we sorted the problem before we encounter one of the infamous squalls in this region.
Crew are all a bit frazzled after the events, but we are working as a team and the next few hours of sailing is on calmer seas. Dropping winds in the evening means a brief spell of motor sailing which heats the water for a well earned shower.

26:02.35N 19:29.45W