Day 8

Mon 1 Dec 2014 18:44
After a trying night shift with sails flogging noisily in the light airs, the Trade Winds and seas have now settled meaning it is time to deploy the secret weapon.
We have two fore sails which are poled out each side of the of the bow. This rig is more suitable to the conditions than a cruising spinnaker as it will withstand gusts over thirty knots which is not uncommon. We can keep running on the same tack twenty four hours a day now the wind is right behind us.
As the new sail was unfurled I got all poetic and said it is being kissed by the lips of the wind for the first time. The crew told me to shut up, or words to that effect.
We now look like an arrow heading straight for the heart of Rodney Bay, St Lucia.
It is such a smooth passage now that we feel we are hardly moving after the crashing and banging on the hull over the last week. I look forward to a peaceful sleep later.
Later....well, the good news is that our heading is true to our plotted course as we could possibly hope for. The wind is right behind us and its a beautiful day with calm waters. The bad news is our secret weapon is firing blancs.
We are getting only 5 or 6 knots out of the 12 knot wind. We are hoping for stronger winds as when it gusts the nose picks up and we start to get good speed. After our diversion to deliver parts, Wiki shot off and left for the South. Their secret weapon is a Parasailer, like a parachute shaped spinnaker, an eight grand bit of kit, but very efficient in these conditions.
A school of Whales came close to us this afternoon, not close enough for the Attenborough shot, but we spent half an hour watching their blow spouts.
We have had another relaxing day with Greg doing the helm, meaning we all caught up some much needed sleep.
The boat caught another flying fish today, Simons expensive fishing gear has not yet managed to produce another dinner,but we live in hope.