day 4

Fri 28 Nov 2014 18:48
Woke to the sound of spinning reels...we have caught something! Simon had just gone to bed after what seems the longest shift, the Dawn watch. He leaps into action man mode strapping on his rod harness, ooh err. The drag on the line is very strong as we trundle forward, but eventually he reels in a five pound Dorado, a beautiful yellow colour which had put up a good but losing fight. Instantly filleted and prepared I would like to say eaten straight away but no one is up for it at eight in the morning.

We are still having electric power issues and spent the morning eliminating various causes of our inability to keep the batteries fully charged. we are unable to run much equipment when using the auto pilot as it is working so hard.
It's getting a bit tedious trying to get about the boat in such constantly rough seas. it may be a good Pilate's workout, but diving from one hand hold to another on a boat not particularly kitted out for this sort of weather results in lots of bruises.
We are making good headway now, about 190 miles a day although we are being dragged too far south by the tides. The boat is happy somewhere between a beam and broad reach keeping up a steady eight to nine knots today. We are towards the back of the pack due to our rigging issues losing us about sixty miles but as the winds sweep behind us we are going to unleash our secret weapon.