Day 17

Fri 12 Dec 2014 23:08
Squalls all night and woken by heavy rain. Serves me right for bragging about the heat yesterday. 8.30am and it's starting to clear. Big seas as a result but bearable as we are running with the flow. It's sometimes a bit disconcerting when a huge roller approaches from the rear taller than the bridge which is a good three meters above the sea.
Good spag bol again last night, cant wait for a change from mince or stews in general when we arrive (400 miles to go) Luciano is an able cooking assistant, he is Jonnie to my Fanny (that last sentance will be straight over the heads of younger readers)
The boat caught another flying fish overnight, Simon has thrown his rods overboard in a petulant strop as the fishing competition is all but won by a lump of fiberglass.
10pm, a frustrating days motor sailing again, we just haven't got the winds promised by the forecasts. Crew have had their moments of frustration spilling over to a little fracas or two, all sorted out over dinner. To expect five complete strangers with strong personalities to be constant buddies is ambitious, but we have all got on great in general.
The winds have now shifted and progress is better and in the right direction.