Shirley Heights

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Glenn Cooper
Mon 9 Jan 2017 13:11
Shirley Heights is the place to be on Sunday evenings in Antigua.  A huge party at sunset at the top of a hill where there is a old lookout and fort.  Antiguan popular music is famous.    The  band playing is the LSO of steel bands.  It is truly remarkable how they can get such orchestral sounds out of these instruments.  On the left is the second stage which  features a driving Caribbean reggae and rock band with a singer who makes Tina Turner look languid.  Shirley Heights has other bonuses such as the view, the street food and (natch) bars whacking out cups of rum punch
Shirley Heights
Off later today, leaving Falmouth to sail round to Jolly Harbour where our tour started -  more later.  We are now 3, Josh having flown out on Sunday evening for some urgent word processing in Britain – but not before enjoying our visit to the vibrant party on the hill.
arriving Falmouth