They're almost there!

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Glenn Cooper
Fri 30 Jan 2015 23:19
15:16.4994N 58:20.5554W

Hi All,

It's Oli again, posting on behalf of the salty sea dogs.  They are still having to slum it terribly for the final few days of their voyage by coping manfully (and womanfully) with only one, that's right one, satellite phone.

Considering this they are bearing up well and spirits are high.  They have been consoling themselves with plenty of freshly caught fish and are no doubt dreaming of the rum punches waiting for them at the other end.

When I spoke to Dad yesterday they had just over 340 miles to run but were expecting to have to gybe once more.  They had been making, intermittently, very fast progress, averaging 12 knots when the wind was up. Their track (see previous post for a link to see for yourself) bears this out and they gybed today at around 12pm and are now heading direct for Antigua.  They expect to make landfall on Sunday morning but if they make good progress may make it in on Saturday evening.

Gregor is continuing to write all of the blog posts they would have added and will upload them, including a load more photos, once they arrive, so do check back.

Please spare a thought for them as they grind through their final couple of days; they are surviving on a boat that has only 1 microwave, a bread maker, water maker, 3 fridges, 2 freezers, a dwindling supply of beer and no internet access!

In all seriousness though,  they are now in the very final stage of a journey that many people will never experience and is definitely one to cross off the bucket list  They will have earned themselves at least a drink or two and a goat curry.  Let's just hope they don't do as Bernard Moitessier did in the first ever round the world race and decide to carry on going...