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Glenn Cooper
Thu 22 Jan 2015 15:47
I thought Ben was over-optimistic in fishing from the stern in the middle of a squall in a rough sea.  The hatches were battened down with the rest of the crew snug in the saloon and we were huddled in the cockpit.  Will the red lure, “the scarlet lady”, do the trick?
Well, how about that?
m_Ben and fish
A mahimahi, expertly gutted by Mr Scott, and straight into the freezer for lunch the next day.  Pan-fried.  Exquisite.
Earlier we celebrated half- distance with a round of Buck’s Fizz and some home-made canapes, following a lunch of steak fillet sandwiches, from a whole fillet we had bought in Lanzarote (no half measures on this vessel)
Perhaps the orange peel attracted the fish
Rather a rough day yesterday, and last night, with a number of squalls hitting us.  We are now sailing well in  intermittent sunshine, most of the crew in the cockpit digesting the fish lunch.