24:50.62N 22:19.87W

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Glenn Cooper
Fri 16 Jan 2015 15:32
Hello dear readers from a sunny mid Atlantic lunchtime with a lazy swell on our stern quarter - same sail setup, true wind speed of around 25kn giving a fairly consistent 8 knots over the ground.  A very bumpy night, however.  The wind got up to 30 true and the swell was ragged and random, so stuff was flying around and staying in the bunk was a challenge.   We had to shorten sail for a quiet life.   Easier today, but still making good speed.
We had a visitation yesterday evening from a school of the small dolphins, sleek and grey, leaping in the bow wave.  We call them fun-size dolphins. 
We made  179nm on day 2 and 184 on day 3
As subjects of Her Britannic Majesty (like it says on the passport) we fly a red ensign, which must be free of seagull poo and other manifestations of disrespect.  We actually have two, and Teresa has washed them (I think you need a special licence to do that)
The other washing on the line is Ben Scott’s; the deck looks a bit wet so his smalls must have taken a wave. 
We had a yacht behind us most of yesterday, on our course, but then it veered off south and we have not seen it again.
                                        Nerd Corner
You may be interested in how we work the watches on this passage.  We have
three experienced sailors, who are watch leaders., and 3 deckies.   One of the top brass is on watch
at all times. The schedule is the same for am and pm.  4 hours on and 8
hours off.  The schedule is:
Mark 10-2
Teresa 2-6
Glenn 6-10
The 3 others dovetail into this, as follows:
Ben Scott 12-4
Gregor 4-8
Ben D 8-12
So there are always two on watch, and when you go off watch you have 8 hours
free.  Pretty good system.
Ship time is currently GMT-1, we will move to GMT-2 in about 3 days (same as Rio doncha know)
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