Wednesday 28 January

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Glenn Cooper
Tue 3 Feb 2015 14:51
Wednesday 28 January
Winds freshening overnight and this morning.  A squall overtook us at about
3am with true wind speed of 35 giving a record boat speed for the trip of 12
knots.   Later we were averaging 8, somewhat in the wrong direction (a bit
north) but who cares - this boat comes into her own in winds of around 25
knots.  We will deal with the north issue later ("I've got a ticket to
Going too fast to fish.  A brown booby has flapped past.
Later today we will be 500 nautical  miles from Falmouth, Antigua.  Two of our number have companions awaiting us in Antigua, so the distance to go is of some interest.
Jean Louis Dominic Pierre Bouchon
True to the breed that bore him,
Answered the call that held in thrall
His father’s heart before him.
Jean Louis Dominic sailed away
Further than love could find him
Yet through the night he heard a light
And gentle voice behind him say:
Matelot, Matelot,
Where you go my thoughts go with you,
Matelot, Matelot,
When you go down to the sea
                    Noel Coward
And s special hello to G and Emma