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Glenn Cooper
Tue 3 Feb 2015 15:40
Ahoy there!   We hove to outside Falmouth Harbour around dawn on Sunday morning.  Lowered the sails and motored round the headland.  We were spotted by our two excited companions waiting on the pontoon, both of whom, to our delight, did  the Waving at Returning Seafarers thing like they were extras in the Onedin Line.   Glenn lined the boat up with the leading lights on the hillside, then we followed a slinky course to our berth in the marina, Glenn expertly dodging the reefs and shoals that dot the harbour entrance. 
We were there - not much more to say really, except a monster thanks to the generous and considerate Glenn Cooper for having us all as crew on this tremendous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.  We have had various drinks and meals ashore since arrival, but our first meal in Antigua was a splendid brunch with Buck's Fizz whipped up by Teresa in a few minutes.
An envoi to all this is a further poem from Ben D, which will follow this post.
Thank you everybody for reading this blog, and for the various messages of support we received by various electronic routes during our crossing.
And a few facts, for Nerd Korner Part 3
Distance travelled from Lanzarote – 3178 nautical miles, an average of 167.26 per day
Average speed - 6.97 knots
Whisky consumed – 1 bottle (Black Label) + some dregs from a previous bottle
Cava consumed – 1 bottle (half-way point)
Other wine consumed – none (now there’s a thing, the cellar is FULL)
Fish caught – 4
Eggs consumed – 120
UHT milk left over – 20 litres
Toilet rolls used – 35
Pip pip from the onboard blogster.