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Glenn Cooper
Wed 11 Jan 2017 14:06
Tuesday - a work day for the hardcore 3 that remained.  The tender was lifted onto the foredeck, a tricky operation using one of the booms as a crane.   Aside from our ghastly moment adrift in St Barth we did get some positive use from the tender -  a trip round to Pigeon beach, although breathing out nostalgic two stroke fumes to the muted joy of swimmers.  Then it is was back to the glitzy splendour of the new airport at St Johns.  We noticed hordes of uniformed types at every step in the process, most of them doing absolutely nothing - albeit in a pleasant way -- but the economics of the place are weird.   

Here are a few more photos, in no particular order

Joleigh and Glenn doing things on deck

Birthday card for C

The srange and slightly sinister derelict casino at Jolly Harbour

The yoof in the cockpit.  Ails cooly helming in fairly bumpy seas (note - no auto pilot on OS at present, it has to be the real McCoy on helming)

(from Charlie in David's tender - Gregor waving goodbye.   Deck at sea, must be bumpy as hatches all closed, looks like Gabes in the pulpit)