Dubrovnik to Hvar 27th to 29th June 2008

Lady Drake
Peter Drake
Sun 29 Jun 2008 18:00

Dubrovnik to Hvar – 27th to 29th June 2008


Destination Dubrovnik:  43:10.200N 16:26.700E

Distance Covered: 125 Nm


Wind against us the whole way so was tacking when sailing and motoring when the wind was not enough to make headway.



27 June - After a delayed departure (see previous night) we were on our way to Mlijet.  We had every intention of anchoring near the island but the skies turned for the worse and we were stuck in a storm for about three hours.  We finally found a shelter at a place called Lumbarda.


28 June – We were rudely awoken by a harbor official for apparently illegally anchoring in our book it stated it was an anchorage, but the book was published in 2004 and much has changed.  We were told to get out of the harbor and were fined 200 Kuna.  We set off for a brief trip to another anchoring at Uvala Racisce which was right next door, where we had a rest and ate lunch.  Later we sailed into an anchorage called Uvala Lovisce on the island of Scedro, anchored and had a marvelous grilled squid dinner at a tiny dockside restaurant.  Afterwards we took the dinghy over to a flotilla party but were denied, even after we brought a bottle of chardonnay and limoncella over!  Needless to say, we drank the whole bottle of limoncella between the two of us and had interesting conversation into the night. 



29 June – Woke up to a naturalist boat full of nude bodies.  Took a quick swim then headed for Split.  We found a nice cove and decided to go for a swim, as the locals do, nude.  What intended to be an hour stop turned out to be a four boat party and an evening in Hvar.  While relaxing we met six Australian shielas, two Irish lads and Aussie bloke that were in two hired boats.  Pete invited them on deck for a drink and we enjoyed the setting.  Another boat pulled up and joined us, this one contained two American dudes and a Canadian guy, eh. We continued the party over at another harbor and had a drink.  Later we all met up again in Hvar City to watch the Euro Cup final, Spain defeated Germany.  Next was Club Carpe Diem, then we lost the shielas and went to a club that was inside a castle.  Peter and Richard stole the show and controlled the dance floor.  Myself and the two Americans (Rich and Wyatt) went for some boat drinks and picked the guys back up at 6am after the closed down the club.  I made some tuna spaghetti, we all ate and passed out immediately after.