Pete's Birthday Sail Friday 15th June 2007 to Sunday 17th June 2007

Lady Drake
Peter Drake
Sat 16 Jun 2007 18:00

Pete’s Birthday Sail Friday 15th June 2007 to Sunday 17th June 2007


On Friday 15th June I set off from Prague with some really great company to celebrate my birthday.


Our Destination - Anzio: 41:26.440N 12:37.580E

This is about 25 Nm from Lady Drakes current home at Porto Turistico di Roma.


The Crew:


Helmswoman – Jaya and super cool crewman Andy



Miss see you later I am sunbathing – Dana



Australian Surfer Dude - Ashley



King of Salsa - Rob



After a high-speed (and highly illegal) race through Prague to make our plane, we arrive to find it delayed by 45 minutes – if you are reading our blog and work in Czech Law Enforcement then we are just joking about the illegal bit J


Hmmmm, 18:17, Plenty of time for an 18:30 flight, I cannot think what the fuss was about.  


Actually we caught the flight thanks to Ashley’s Nigel Mansell driving techniques through the city of Prague to avoid an accident while Dana was practicing her negotiation skills on the phone to Czech Airlines and Jaya was holding up the check in desk looking at the time ticking away.  Great team work!!!  And OK, we will leave the office earlier next time J




Celebrating our arrival on board with a little dancing and champagne – Yacht comes equipped with Dance floor




Cruising out of Port Turistica - Perfect sailing weather... but have you got your sea legs?




Feeling a little queezy?





Lets sail to Africa!!





The crew, back on terra firma in Anzio



After a demanding day on the water, some seafood and wine!




Relaxing dip in the morning





What a great looking Lady!




Climb on



Steady… steady!



Surfs up! Sort of…


OK – push me to shore for some ice cream!  (You think we are joking)




Woooohhoooo – too late - Wipe out!



Balancing acts – Look no hands




Balancing acts



Paddling back to Anzio




Pete – the only survivor!



Is that a gin and tonic Robert?




Happy at helm



And finally, some fan mail:


Dear Captain Pete,


Thank you so much for an awesome experience. Even though I struggled to keep a smile on my face for a while, I really enjoyed our sailing weekend very much. You and your Lady Drake deserve three cheers from the crew for making our adventure to Anzio an unforgettable trip! J


Wishing you a fantastic summer of smooth sailing J

Your cabin girl Dana!



And to those who endured my turn a calm day into rough weather sailing techniques,


Thanks for the really great company,  I had a fantastic time.

I hope we can all meet for some more sailing later in the year.