Valencia to Estartit (Barcelona) 17-8-2006 to 4-8-2006

Lady Drake
Peter Drake
Thu 7 Sep 2006 17:28

Valencia to Estartit (Barcelona) 17-8-2006 to 4-8-2006


19th - 20th August 2006

We finally managed to escape the clutches of Valencia and continue heading towards the next milestone – Barcelona.  We made two overnight stops at Puerto Aropeso de Mar (about 45nm North of Valencia), Anchored at Los Alfacs (about 36nm further). 


21st August 2006

The next stop we made was a place called Puerto Ginesta which was just around the corner from Barcelona; Ginesta was a great little port and was by coincidence the base for the dealer in Feeling Yachts.  We were allocated a berth next to a boat belonging to an English couple and managed to get some great advice on the local facilities and amenities.


On the way to Puerto Ginesta some dolphins followed the boat for about 30 minutes jumping in and out of the bow wave.


Some photos of the dolphins, unfortunately I did not manage to get them jumping:





22nd - 30th August 2006


We motored from Puerto Ginesta around the corner to Puerto Olympico which was much closer to the Barcelona city centre.  Puerto Olympico is a purpose built marina for the 1992 Olympics and has many bars and restaurants actually along the harbour.


Some of our friends David, Jane and their son Samuel had flown to Barcelona to meet us, they were staying in a great little apartment that was walking distance from the boat and the accommodation had a bath!!!!  After living on the boat for so long a bath is something you really miss.


Dave, Jane and Samual


I had to get in the photo!  A bit of a cheesy grin:





Samuel at the helm:


Going for a test drive before taking Sam on board


Taking Sam for a ride,  he later had a go at driving:


Dave, Jane and Sam Flew back to England on 25th August and we flew to Prague on 27th August.  Tereza stayed in Prague to see her family and to start a new job on 4th September,   I flew back on 30th August to continue sailing by myself.


31st Augist 2006

After arriving back at Puerto Olympico and doing some jobs on the boat, I sailed alone on 31st August to a place called Blanes where I anchored.  I got shelter from the light southerly winds by going close to the beach and the rock shown in the photos.  Later I found out that I anchored in an area for swimmers, they moved out of the way when I left in the morning.


The Rock behind which I sought shelter (In Swimming Zone, but an anchorage in the book)


A view of the  beach just after I arrived


The boat was rocking a lot in the night so I did not get a lot of sleep as my sub-conscience was telling me that I should keep checking the anchor.   I left a bit later than planned the next day, the destination was Cala de Sa Tuna where a friend Simon and his family rent a lovely house by the beach.  


1st September 2006

As I sailed down the coast towards Cala de Sa Tuna, the landscape became much more interesting as there are many rocky coves and because of the landscape there are not so many tall blocks of flats. 


A view on the way:


There was a yacht race that started behind me on the way, when they launched their spinnakers I launched my cruising chute and managed to stay ahead for a while,  but then two boats sneaked by.


Boats behind.  There were more, but my lens could not cope:


The fastest boats approaching:


And passing:


Out side Cala de Sa Tuna, the bay where I anchored behind the rocks and to the left:


The water was much deeper in Cala de Sa Tuna than shown in the pilot book and I really needed more chain to anchor.  Wow what a lovely bay:


It was very busy in the anchorage.  I managed to anchor and then when some boats left Simon helped me to move to a shallower spot.  We had a beer on the boat and then the wind changed to the north which is not good and means that the waves come straight in the marina.  The remaining yachts at anchor decided to leave and we waited for a bit and decided it was not a good idea to keep the boat there in case the weather became worse.  A quick call from Simon to notify his house keeper that he would not be back for a bit and we motored to a place called Puerto de l’Estartit.


When we arrived at Puerto de l’Estartit the office was closed and the security guard told me that the it was 50 euros per night to stay there so I thought that I could not stay long, the next day I was told that it is no longer summer season and the price is 26 Euros per night so I am still here.  Puerto de le Estartit is in a great location, it only a few steps to the beach and there is a great holiday feel with many bars, restaurants, shops and Dive Centres, not only this,  there is free wireless internet access in the Club Nautico Bar.


My eyes lit up when I saw the dive centres in l’Estertit as I still need to complete my PADI Open Water certificate.  I have finished all the theory and swimming pool dives, and now it’s time to go and see the aquatic life so I hope to have some more news in the next update.


Las Islas Medes – This is a nature reserve and as viewed from the port


Lady Drake


Another view from the Port


The beach goes on forever


The Harbour Entrance:


The day I arrived at Puerto de l’Estartit we took a taxi back to Simon’s home in Cala de Sa Tuna and I stayed there for the night.  The taxi journey was longer than the boat journey as there is no direct route along the coast; it was all worth while as I had the best sleep for a long time on Simons Sofa Bed and enjoyed great hospitality from Simon and the locals.  


Simon had purchased an electric radio controlled plane and we went to fly this in a field, this is a great toy and lots of fun.  On the way back to the boat we stopped at a small airfield, if you could only find marinas that had such small crowds.


Simon’s son Thomas is a little bit nervous of boats and initially scared to come onboard, but once there he loved it.


Simon and his little boy Thomas



It is now really calm here in Puerto de l’Estartit, I hope to return to Cala de Sa Tuna on Friday to meet Simon and this time his girlfriend Beatrice who has promised to cook one of my favourite dishes Moules Mariniere and Frites.