Ventotene to Forio, Isle d'Ischia 5-7-2007 to 7-7-2007

Lady Drake
Peter Drake
Sat 7 Jul 2007 13:52

Ventotene to Forio, Isle d’Ischia 5-7-2007 to 7-7-2007


Destination: 40:44.325N 13:51.529E


Set sail from Ventotene on the afternoon of 5/7 after a very bumpy night in the marina.  Due to high winds there was a swell that came in the Marina.


We sailed from Ventotene to St. Angelo on Isle d’Ischia for one night where we anchored, after another rocky night we headed for a nice calm spot in a place called Foria on the other side of Isle d’Ischia.


Simon is just heading back to Rome to catch his Sunday flight and I am about to set sail heading in the direction of Sicily,