Barbate 08-07-06 to 17-07-06

Lady Drake
Peter Drake
Tue 1 Aug 2006 22:05

Barbate 08-07-06 to 17-07-06


We arrived in Barbate on 8th July, where we were glad to take refuge after a strong winds and larger waves around the Cape of Trafalgar.  I believe that when Napoleon fought the battle of Trafalgar on 21-10-1805 as it was calmer conditions, his weather source must have been more reliable.


Barbate a port near to the Gibraltar strait where many boats wait for the weather to continue their journey into the Mediterranean, to enter the strait you must round Tarifa which has a reputation for being the windiest place in Europe, but also the windsurfing capital of Europe J  Apparently Tarifa has the highest suicide rate in Spain which is is said to be caused by the strong constant winds.


We stayed in Barbate for 9 day’s waiting for the strong force 8 Easterly wind to change to a lighter Westerly, when we eventually left the wind had changed much lighter, but was still against us.  In the Gibraltar strait the weather systems on the Mediterranean side and on the Tarifa (West side) course the wind to blow from the East or the West, if entering the strait from the Atlantic the wind can course rough and difficult conditions because it will be blowing against the tide.  A high pressure over Tarifa will usually result in a Westerly wind.


Barbate Marina:




I thought that this boat was interesting:


The Yacht Club in Barbate:


These anchors were beside the fishing port,  I think they were to hold down the Tuna nets which stretch out from the marina for about two miles:


A view from the other side of the marina wall, the beach in the distance is where we spent quite a lot of time.  The sea at Barbate was the warmest we had experienced so far:


Sunset at Barbate:


There was a festival while we were in Barbate, this fair was erected for the festival.  It was really great fun in the fair many of the local women and children were wearing traditional dress:


Flamenco dancers at the fair:


The children were also taking part:


Flamenco dancing in another marquee:


This was actually a guy in drag who was riding on the roof of the kids train:


There was a wonderful firework display at the end of the festival, this went on for some time and many of the local boats left there moorings to watch the display from the water. What was strange was that the wind dropped during the display and as soon as the boats returned to their berths it got up again, Coincidence?


The boats on the water during the display: