Porto di Cugnana

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Thu 8 Sep 2011 16:21
41:01.36N 09:31.11E
4th September 2011
Our watermaker, normally our most reliable bit of kit decided to go on strike a few days ago. Jim McDonald, the UK agent pulled out all the stops and arranged for repairs to be carried out in Sardinia. To avail ourselves of the service we need to position "Footloose" in a suitable location for access, preferably without having to go into a marina. To that end we have chosen Porto di Cugnana, a well sheltered bay only 4 miles south of Cala di Volpe. Shelter is also important, because a few days of Mistral are forecast for the week ahead.
Mid morning we upped anchor and motored south in a rapidly rising southerly wind for just over an hour and re-anchord in 2.5 meters over sand/weed. Then the shower came. Well, a bit more of a shower actually. The heavens opened and the wind blew from the south for the next 24 hours, but at least it gave the decks a much needed sluiceing. This was followed by the arrival of the promised Mistral from the north west. Fortunately, being close to the western shore the sea didn't have time to develop into anything significant, so all in all we felt we were pretty comfortable.
On the next (Monday) morning we received confirmation from Riccardo at Schenker that the local agent, Pasquale would be at our boat on Wednesday morning. Things are looking up! We didn't realise how much we had taken the value of the watermaker for granted. When one has to plan to take on water every few days it can be quite inconvenient.