Puerto de San Antonio

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Mon 23 Aug 2010 11:18
38:58.36N 1:18.17E
16th August 2010
Moved on up the coast to Puerto de San Antonio. Anchored in 4 metres off a promontory dominated by the Hawaii Hotel. Good shelter from all directions, except possibly a strong westerly. Getting ashore much easier here with several options around the bay. The town is the second largest on the Island. Plenty of restaurants and a thriving nightlife. There being two large clubs for those who wish to dance the night away. Awakening in the morning, around seven, it was quite a surprise to see legions of young folk making their way back to their respective hotels. I guess to recover in time for the next night. Oh, to have that stamina. The town's atmosphere is O.K. There are no signs of loutish behaviour. Just youngsters out to enjoy themselves. Apparantly the local police have a policy of zero tolerance, as far as unsociable behaviour is concerned. Perhaps that's the reason. 
Will probably stay here awhile so that we can get one or two repairs sorted.