Fornelli passage

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Tue 30 Aug 2011 18:42
40:58.70N 08:13.59E
30th August 2011
Left Porto Conte just before eight this morning, rounded the massive headland of Capo Caccia and headed north up the west coast of Sardinia towards the Fornelli passage. This passage, which is viable in reasonably settled conditions, permits entry into the Golfo dell' Asinara by avoiding the need to go around the Isola Asinara. A saving of around 20 miles if approachong from the south.
Dropped the hook for a late lunch just off I. Piana, which forms the south side of the Fornelli passage. The plan is to stay here until late evening and then make a night pasage towards Capo Testa, taking advantage of the last of a westerly wind, which is forecast to turn easterly around midday tomorrow.