We have fresh water!!!

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Sat 10 Sep 2011 21:03
40:57.56N 09:35.06E
9th September 2011
Wednesday came and so did pasquale, the Schenker rep. On time too. Collected him from the shore and brought him aboard, together with a replacement pump unit and a willing snd able assistant. Barely an hour later the watermaker was puffing away producing a steady stream of potable water. We've often sung the praises of our watermaker, because up to a short while ago it was our most reliable bit of kit. We were obviously disappointed when it failed, but the manner in which the Schenker organisaton swung into action to get us going again has led to no cause for complaint. Excellant service indeed. Thank you Pasquale, thank you Schenker, Thank you Jim Mc Donald(Mactra). Now we can get back on our travels.
The Mistral was still continuing to blow, so we decided to defer our next move until Friday. In the meantime we took the opportunity to take the tender up to the Marina di Portisco to replenish our stores from their minimarket. Home to a few superyachts, the marina still had a nice friendly atmosphere as befitted its charming setting against a backdrop of moutains.
Friday morning (today) dawned windless and calm. By the time we set off for Olbia at mid-morning the wind had increased to 12 knots from the north (forecast west) so it was engines on and as we rounded Pnta Volpe the wind veered east and then when we got to Capo Figari finally came from the south. On the nose all the way!
Had a text message from Alea and Lance on "Catouse", to say that they had found a good anchorage behind Isla Porri in a bay called Cala Banana, so we decided to stop by and sound it out. Backed by a superb sandy beach and well protected with good holding, it certainly gave a good account of itself. Although anchored in 5 meters over sand the bottom was very clear, as were the fish that clustered round, tempted by biscuit crumbs. We went ashore with A & L and Sydney their dog for some exercise and then spent a very quiet ight at anchor without any wind. The first for a week!