And so to Costa Blanco

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Sun 8 Aug 2010 19:12
36:45.43N 2:06.40W
3rd August 2010
Moved on, around Cabo de Gata, towards the start of the Costa Blanca coast. What a coast line too. Almost a lunar landscape in places and very barren. It was possible to clearly see sedimentary rock strata capped by volcanic deposits. The result, a very dramatic, rugged coastline interspersed by valleys with sandy beaches at their feet, most of which were deserted.  
Eventually decided to anchor in Puerto Genoves. A large sheltered bay, no deeper than 5 meters. As the sun set over the moutains there were only three other boats left anchored in the bay. Each with plenty of swinging room. Perfect. Then a police launch turned up and just hung around at one end of the bay. We dutifully ensured that our anchor light was visible, but in the gloom we noticed that a RIB had detached itself from the police boat and was zooming our way. The three officers aboard were very polite but insisted that we couldn't stay anchored in that bay because it had been designated a confirmation area. We could however go and anchor in the next bay, at Puerto san Jose. So. upping the anchor in the gathering gloom we moved on, followed shortly by our neighbours. Still, at least we had enjoyed the sunset.