Costa Smerelda

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Sat 3 Sep 2011 16:51
41:05.12N 09:32.45E
3rd September 2011
Cannigioni was nice enough but we never found its soul. It has a marina, a lot of residential homes, a few hotels and some very expensive boutique shops selling soft furnishings and decorative items. For all that though, it had the air of a place that was waiting to close down at the end of a season. It's possibly deserted in the winter. Time to move on.
Weighed anchor at 09.00 hours and started to motor round to the Costa Smerelda. Wind increased to 12 knots from the west, so Genneker out and engines off. That's when the wind died. So, Genneker in, engines on and ten minutes later 20 knots of wind from the north west. Can't win somedays!
Carried on round the coast and anchored in Cala di Volpe in 3 meters over sand. The bay is very sheltered, with an hotel of the same name dominating its south western corner. Quite a few superyachts are anchored in the outer bay. "Enigma" being the largest.
Weather's a bit hot and sticky at the moment and the boat is covered in a film of red dust which was deposited by a very light shower of rain yesterday. Could do with a good shower now to clean things up a bit.Will we get one tomorrow? Possibly (according to