A gem of a harbour.

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Tue 19 Jul 2011 08:50

40:02.84N 04:08.10E


16th June 2011


Entered Fornells and anchored to the west of an island opposite the main town. A very peaceful area surrounded by hills and woodland. The bay is a Mecca for dinghy sailors and windsurfers alike. The constricting entrance to the harbour reducing any northerly swell to an acceptable level. Winds from other directions ameliorated by the surrounding land. Having said that, one night of 30 knot plus winds saw more than twenty boats (including us) drag their anchors. It was quite a sight, to see so many yachts in the darkness with their nav lights aglow, dancing around trying to establish a firm holding. At least we all survived.

Fornells has much going for it. Touristy yes, but in a laid back sort of way. The Mediterranean’s answer to Salcombe, with sunshine. Incidentally, a very good chandler’s “Vivalmar” has recently opened  on the waterfront and was found to be most helpful and spoke excellent English, as were the French couple who ran the town’s laundry. Expensive yes but the best yet encountered. In fact everywhere we went we encountered kindness and courtesy. Will be sorry to leave.