West to East!

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Mon 16 Aug 2010 15:26
38:37.76N 0:00.18E
10th August 2010.
On up the coast for about 45 miles, past the spectacular cliffs and mountains around Benidorm to Mascarat. On our arrival we crossed the zero (Grenwich) meridian, from west to east and anchored in a small bay just to the east of Marina Greenwich in 5 meters over sand. It seemed to be a reasonably safe location, sheltered from the light south easterly breeze. Residential houses ranged around the steep wall of the bay. So, around 20.00 hrs we decided to take the tender ashore for a couple of hours and stretch our legs. Returning in darkness, with the exception of the odd flash of lightening illuminating the sky behind the mountains to the north,  we clambered back on board. Whilst securing the tender into the davits the onshore breeze suddenly backed 180 degrees and within 15 minutes had increased to over 35 knots as it howled down a steep valley from the mountains behind the town. In the darkness, we initially failed to notice that the katabatic wind had driven us offshore by about 2 cables. Fortunately the anchor had reheld, albeit with a 2:1 scope. Judiciously we let out more chain to restore the scope to a safer 5:1. Still the anchor held. then, almost as suddenly as it started, the wind abated as the lighteneing receded into the distance. It was still a restless night however, as a heavy swell remained. 
Oh well, early start planned for the morning as we leave the Spanish mainland, bound for Ibeza.