To Porto Della Taverna

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Fri 23 Sep 2011 06:01
40:51.34N 09:40.15E
14th September 2011
Cast of from Olbia quay around mid-morning and after two hops around Capo Ceraso, anchored in Porto Taverna. The surrounding hillsides are dotted with discrete villas, obviously well funded from the immaculate state of most of their gardens. A couple of hotels could also be discerned, blending into the terrain. The hallmark of development in this, part of the Costa Smeralda area, is the requirement to  "blend in" with surroundings. Some of the properties are very impressive for their innovative design and "high rise" it definitely 'aint, but at the same time the area doesn't appear to have a soul. People don't live here, they just visit it for a short spell, away from their normal lives and then go away, leaving their houses empty, until the same time next year.
One night here will probably be enough for us as it is difficult to get ashore without being certain that one isn't trespassing.