Sunday 6 July 2014

Basil Panakis
Sun 6 Jul 2014 12:35
44:27N 15:58W
It was not a pleasant day yesterday. I thought we will have light winds. The Baro kept on dropping and I kept reducing sails, hence not a high score today. I checked the tricolor early this morning and it was not on. It was fine last night.
After breakfast I spent couple of hours trying to fix it. I remember putting a new connection maybe 4/5 years ago. It rotted away and the negative had come apart. The wires coming from the panel are too short, they were put in place when the boat was built between the two skins. That will be a job and a half to tackle at some stage. I made some temp get me home repairs and lets hope it works tonight. It is too bright to check now.
Fastnet 1995 I remember as the first one without Roger. We were still at Shamrock and Kristen's new boyfriend was in charge. Kevin was still there too. Also I remember it as the year of the toilet seat. We will go out for a weekend and in the defects list I will put "toilet seat". This must have happened many times. The Fastnet crew took it upon themselves and bought a proper one and charged Britannia for it. There were some other ding dongs too, not very pleasant. Without looking at some photos I cannot recall anything in particular. I remember having an army officer onboard. We were rounding the Rock under spinnaker and got tangled on a fishing pot. One of the girls was on the helm, we were not moving, one guy went on the VHF without asking me and informed all. I said I cut the line but the Officer offered to help and did it. The guy who made the call later wanted to do his Yachtmaster with Dave (Auriga), but as Dave was busy he asked me to skipper his yacht, a Contessa 32. Needless to say the guy failed. I think  at later date he saw me in the Solent and was waving to me. The name escapes me.