Chest Pains

Basil Panakis
Mon 16 Jun 2014 09:18
37:03N 35:52W
We are back on the half that looks to Europe. Few weeks back I had some chest pains, I thought I must have got a chill. There were no associated symptoms. Again on Friday I developed the same thing, painful to the touch all over. I checked myself the following day and I was covered in bruises. So the first lot was when the bracket had broken and I took the s/s off, the weather was much kinder so the pains were not so severe. This time the seas were rough and I was in an urgency to sort things out what may, hence the heavy bruising. I knew I had some of my wife's remedies with me for things like that but I could not remember where I put the box. They had to be stored away from electronics, smells etc. Just to put you in the picture my wife is a qualified homeopathist. I found them yesterday and had a tablet last night and one this morning. This way the pain will go quicker and my wife will feel happier that I do what she tells me, like writing these blogs daily as she thinks that the s/s is compromised. Well the s/s works OK though we have not been tested yet. It is the same thing that last time broke in the gale on my way to Plymouth for the Baltimore Challenge, the engineer who made the new part said it was a bad joint/welding, this time instead of breaking popped out and disconnected everything. May be a blessing in disguise, could have been worse.
Sunday's supper consisted of rice cooked with coconut milk, this gave the rice a silky finish. Added in the rice half way through baby carrots. Chicken tika masala was the meat part and for afters I had pitted cherries in syrup. The left over of cherries I had this morning with my cereal.
I had a two and a four day forecast from Boston last night, the low that is to follow this high is to overtake me by Thursday. I would still have at least another two days to reach Terceira.
If any of you will like to get in touch and enlighten me on things I touched or left half resolved, my email address is bpanakis {CHANGE TO AT} hotmail {DOT} com I will attend to them when I get back home. For example what are these capsules like that float and have a wing/sail, they are also of various colours?
Is anyone interested in buying JABA as she is?