Week 5

Basil Panakis
Mon 9 Jun 2014 10:57
35:04N 36:29W
Len and I left about 8.30 am BST on Monday the 12th. Now I am at the other side of the folded Admiralty Chart. I no longer see Europe behind me but America where I am going to.
I believe you all get your Pings now thanks to Tony. I needed his email address or phone number, I found the phone number and made a call and Tony sorted everything out for me. Apparently it was not properly set up, by me.
I have been going south west for couple of days without founding this scallop bottom. I tried after the first day to tack but the best I could do was 30 degrees. After the second day I tried again and I could do at least 350 degrees, at times a bit better. Boston has been predicting SW 15-25 kn but not where I was. I tacked at 34 33.9N 35 45.6W this was my southern  most point yet. Now I am sailing close hauled but not very fast, I am doing as much west as I could get.
The 3 shirt stories: Memories
In 1996 I went on a guided Orchid Tour of Thailand where I bought a T shirt at the International Orchid Festival in Chiang Mai. Those were the days when I was mad about orchids.
The next shirt was a fake named one Jackie bought for me while holidaying with her friend in Turkey. Fakes there are a big business. (1997)
The third one was the one my son gave me after the filming of 1492 in Costa Rica (1992) with Ridley Scott, Gerard Depardieu, S Weaver etc. He was in Pinta. In fact he was wearing one at the festival of sail somewhere in France where he went with a square rigger and a lady bought it off him while he was wearing it. So he had  to ask for another one from the boat. It was this shirt.
All 3 three were hanging on the line to dry, there were used for the boat, mopping the floor etc. When the weather picked up they all disappeared over the side. This morning while mopping the floor I found this Columbus shirt...so the third one must have been the one that I had made back in 2004 when the Greeks won the European Cup. It had a tiger head on it.
The tiger spotting trip in India is another story.
Good sailing.