SPOT etc

Basil Panakis
Wed 4 Jun 2014 08:00
37:28N 30:32W
This is my current position. I spoke to my wife last night who told me that she is still not receiving SPOT messages...Jackie is totally confused...I asked to go on the net and check my facebook and I would ring her back. Apparently the last message there was of the 28th. I send messages once a day. After the call I sent a second one probably after 10 pm BST.The SPOT is new, the contract is new and the device now resides in the cockpit on a non-slip mat and is switched at all times.
Thank you Tony I got your messages and  got my first weatherfax from Boston and a satellite picture too. Is it possible to message me your email address?
Northwood is predicting significant winds north of me for today.
In the heat down here the milk just about lasts 2 days, I had to pour away over half a litre of it. They don't do halves here.
Has been a slow progress since leaving Punta Delgada. Lovely weather and sailing but slow and no wind at night.