Coming Home

Basil Panakis
Fri 11 Jul 2014 10:49
48:18N 7:47W
What a lot of fun and games. I woke up at 01.00 in the morning and have been up all this time. For the record, just gone 11.15 BST. Soon I'll revert to BST as I will be in home waters.
I had 5 fishing boats to play with, then the wind picked up from 12 to 18/20, I could see it coming, quickly rolled the G and dashed down. Then going over the continental shelf, what a strange area...I put the echo sounder and it was reading 5.5 meters...some churned up water. The echo sounder works by the way, we are in 165m now, nearly 6 hours later.
Cloud cover 8/8, another grey day.
Yesterday I had Bouillabaisse soup with toasties, the latter I broke to pieces, excellent. Today I'll have Moules Marinieres, I am keeping to the French theme but both tins came from Denmark (Waitrose). When I provisioned for the trip I went to all different supermarkets, Asda, Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrison in Plymouth, Waitrose and the local Indian shops. Variety is the spice of life. I cannot have chicken korma everyday even though I like it very much. 
I was thinking of my dad this morning, he died over 30 years ago. I'll tell you about him tomorrow.