Basil Panakis
Thu 19 Jun 2014 10:20
37:48N 31:53W
I have been playing with sails. I dropped the storm jib and put a slightly bigger working jib in its place. I have a couple more bigger ones but I do not want to take the chance. Also let one of the reefs off the main. Folded and put away the storm jib. I had a go at the furling genoa and made a better job this time but not as good as i could have done it on a pontoon.
So we have been nursing the s/s now we are nursing the mast too. We are lucky that this happened when it happened rather than say 5/6 days the other side of where I decided to come back. Much slower progress, as it happened I was only just over 200 miles from Horta. I had a reply from the underwriters telling me that when I get to the Azores to get in touch with so and so. Hello, I wrote back to tell the gentleman that the Azores are made up of 9 islands, where did he have in mind? Horta now is my destination. At this rate we have another 3 days. Unless we are proven wrong again.
The day before I had a long visit of Spotted Atlantic Dolphins. They stay with us for a long time. I went on the bows and filmed them with the GoPro and went back out there again with my camera for more pictures. I was having coffee and Jackie's cake at the time.
Few days back I saw a speckled brown turtle. First time ever. The storm petrels the way they come around they look as if they are bats. These ones have the white by the tail, the ones I had seen before did not have any white. Must have been migrants or may even been young ones.
Last night I had two ships yet again tired with lack of sleep. I cannot doze off for long during day time. I can do though at home. Put the TV on and I am off asleep.