Basil Panakis
Tue 24 Jun 2014 12:44
Arrived here yesterday at 9.00 UTC, as my last call was Punta Delgada the entry formalities were negligible.
First call was to find Duncan who said he will be at the boat in 15 minutes. So instead of going for a shower I had to go back to the boat and wait. Probably more than 2 hours. Apparently he got stuck with some work in the office. Had a look and said he will be back with his man later.
Because it was late and the showers were closed, all  I had instead was a wash with baby wipes and went out to eat and buy some fresh provisions. As a priority I needed some single blade razors. These fancy 5 blade Hydro etc will not touch my beard, they just skip over. You really have to use them every day. Two shaves and they are dead on the boat. Came back to the boat had a shave, some melon and a beer when Duncan and Jeff arrived. Both Americans with a very great sense of humour we kept winding each other up. Both familiar with Greeks and malaka...a term of endearment.
The forestay came down and the part that connects the forestay to the deck is not the rigging screw that I thought it will be but a special rod with left had thread which Duncan is to manufacture. I will take some pictures for future reference. Duncan had not seen this make before, aren't you privileged now that you increased your knowledge at my expense, I said to him.
Today is a holiday and all places are shut so I will have to wait till tomorrow for things to be moving. Duncan's rate is 75 Eu per hour. On the way down Jeff noticed that my lower on the starboard side was breaking up. It would have been false economy not to replace it. Jeff came back later with the shocking news. To have it made on mainland Portugal will cost 150 Eu and will arrive on Friday or may be Monday next week. They could make it in 6 mm for 190 Eu and should be ready by Wednesday, tomorrow and I can go on Thursday. But it will be prudent to look for a window of opportunity weather wise. According to Duncan no one should venture to the Atlantic with less 6 mm wire!   
I looked around for a card reader, no luck here either. I took one of my usb sticks with me and the photographic shop downloaded the pictures on it. I'll sort a few out and put them here. Went back to the boat had something to eat and collapsed. I woke up at 2400 UTC, it was nice and cool. So I boiled my dozen eggs I bought. Had a bit of a snack and went to bed again. Got up around 7.00 UTC went to the loo ashore but they were closing so I could not have my shower. Back to the boat for more sleep. I passed out for another 2 hours. I knew I was deprived of sleep.
Eventually had my shower and did another bit of shopping and I thought have a meal away from the boat. I am at the Round House by the Marina. I ordered the special, huge, I took a photo of it. Left a quarter of it as I could not cope. I lost quite a bit of weight, I am probably 2 sizes down.
Last night for few minutes I watched the Chile-Holland match and today England is on at 1600 local hour. I'll come and watch.
I'll keep you informed of developments etc. I PING'ed yesterday but not today as I have not moved. I am moored next to a German solo sailor from Berlin.