Horta day 3

Basil Panakis
Wed 25 Jun 2014 18:10
I wish things were a bit more punctual. They could not come to fit the forestay and the rest this afternoon as arranged. Jeff came around to tell about it. I said tell Duncan he will have to foot the bill for all my additional expenses. You should insist for a good wine Basil.
I had the opportunity to buy a Wind Pilot Pacific from a Dutch guy who no longer needed it. He apparently used it from Bermuda to the Azores. He has a 37 footer and uses an electric auto pilot in general.
I am resting and eating well. I do not want to cook onboard as it is too sticky. I bought all the provisions I needed and technically I am ready to go.
I checked with the Harbour Master but they have not heard anything from Andy Lane yet. It was raining yesterday and there was a nice breeze this afternoon but there is not a steady wind to get me home yet.
The Nigeria-Argentina football match just finished. I have been watching the matches here at the Marina Bar for the past three days. The Dutch contingent was very powerful two days ago. A lot of Dutch sailors around.
Maiden.  During one of the qualifying races for the Fastnet we got stuck without wind outside Cherbourg for over a day. We simply drifted up and down the Contentin Peninsula. The guys onboard were pleading to give up and go ashore for a meal and a drink. I refused to budge, it was one of the qualifying races and we had to stick with it. When the time came I put the engine on and motored back to base in Southampton. I sent my log book to Alan Green, who was the Racing Officer at RORC and explained the situation. He accepted my course of action and counted the race as one of the few we had to do. My lot although did not agree with my action at the time they still wanted to go to Cherbourg so they chartered MAIDEN and off we went. From Ocean Village in Southampton to Cherbourg on an easterly we made it in 9 hours. The same easterly brought us back in 9 hours too. That is is a very respectable time. The owner of the yacht was onboard but he took the back seat. My lot wanted me to be in command and I obliged. A good time was had by all.