Strange things

Basil Panakis
Wed 2 Jul 2014 07:32
40:47N 22:08W
Early morning 0805 BST. We will have to curtail these blogs, despite the factthat Jackie is looking forward to them, because of lack of minutes left. See how it goes.
On the way to Horta, during the night of Sunday to Monday's arrival a yacht had been following me all night from the time he got me up when the alarm went till the next morning, he came as close as 1.4 NM from me and then overtook me. As I had the engine running I put the radar on and could see him on the radar from my bunk. Meanwhile I could see on the AIS screen a lot of other yachts in the distance all bunched up. They seemed to be talking to each other, I thought it must be a flotilla coming to Horta. I put down a few numbers but I gave up, I scribbled "too many" in the log. It turned out to be all the yachts in Horta had their AIS on all the time, while they were moored alongside.
The other morning while still dark went on deck to check things and see this white light, thinking it is the stern light of a yacht. Looked at the AIS, nothing. Glimpses of red were showing with the white, I altered course. After a while I noticed that the light was very steady, it turned out to be a rising star. Second time this has happened to me during this voyage.
In 1965 I lived in Bristol and bought a Vespa to move around. In those days there was only one motorway in England the M1. I took the A4 went to London then on to Cambridge, North Wales, Mid Wales and across the Severn with the Aust Ferry back to Bristrol. There were no Severn Bridges then, the first one opened in 1966. On Monday I had my test and I passed it. A brilliant way to go around with the "L" plate and then pass your test. I had a lovely week's holiday.