Week 8

Basil Panakis
Mon 30 Jun 2014 08:49
39:52N 24:59W
Wall to wall grey and damp. Even in the boat everything feels damp. We were on the run during the night and now we are on a beat and still going south of east.
Fastnet 1989 did not appear on the list for me. We were doing the extension at home, had many problems, we over stretched ourselves in more ways then financial one. I needed a break so I went on holiday alone and for the first time I discovered that there was life outside marriage, children, work and commitments. This did not go down very well with the then Mrs P, and it was the beginning of the end of the marriage. She never was an understanding wife. That I was just a man that needed some space some time, others had to tell her that.
Morocco was a totally new experience. Made friends I had them home went out sailing etc.
I am going back to my book.