Porto onwards

Mon 6 Sep 2010 09:32
Ali and Derrick Thorrington arrived back at their boat Green Flash after a busy month at home with two weddings.  We spent a lovely evening on Green Flash with them and Dorothy and Bryan (Caitlin of Argyll).  Ali and Dorothy scraped their fiddles and Derrick accompanied them on his drum.  Very entertaining.
Ali and Dorothy "scraping"
The staircase in the bookshop in Porto
Porto railway station
Rio Douro
A barrel of port!
ducklings for sale
just a part of the aqueduct
On Thursday we caught the new Metro to Porto.  What a fascinating old city.  We took wandered through the streets looking at the numerous churches, and tiled walls which were beautiful.  Even the railway station is worth a look with all the wonderful tiled walls.  The river Douro with all its tourist boats was a lovely sight.  We went across the river to Vila Nova de Gaia where all the port wine cellars are located.  Taylors had been recommended so we walked up the hill along the cobbled streets to get to it.  We were greeted with a port tasting then a very interesting tour and then more tasting!  The rose garden, peacocks and view of the river and city were lovely.  What's more it was all free!
Our new folding bikes finally saw the light of day on Friday and we cycled along the beach to Vila de Conde.  This place has an old monastery on the hill with an almost complete aqueduct.  It was market day.  The market stalls had cages of live turkeys, ducks, chickens, pigeons and all sorts of other birds.  Turkeys being purchased were stuffed into cardboard boxes.
It then really was foggy and two fog sirens went off all day on Saturday.  Eventually it cleared and we left early on Sunday morning for the 76 miles trip to Figueira da Foz.  Motoring again as less than 5 knots of wind - until we turned into the river when it blew 18 knots!  Arrived in at 6pm together with other boats who had also left Povoa at the same time.  The harbour was full.
So far there has been no wifi in marinas in Portugal.