Sat 11 Dec 2010 12:36
A frustrating night.  The wind has died down.  3 sail changes in the night but still didn't get it right. The boat just wallowed.  Nobody got much sleep.   At first light the twin headsails went up and the wind is down to 6 to 8 knots.  The sea is a lot calmer but we are still rolling the whole time.  We had hoped to be in Rodney Bay by midnight tonight and didn't really want to arrive in the dark.  At the present speed we will take another 32 hours.  Still another 170 miles.   Class 4ES want to watch us arrive in school time and at this rate they could be lucky!!  Might have to resort to motoring.  Roger is very disappointed that his cold beer is going to have to wait a bit longer for him.
So here are our excuses for not getting to Rodney Bay before a lot of the other boats;
2 days spent upside down in the bilges looking for water leak.
Fixing said water leak.
Putting the old motor back on the autohelm when the new one failed
Too much wind
Too little wind
Reduced sail at night as forecast was for 16 - 22 knot with gusts of 26 - actual wind was 8-10 knots!
Rough sea
Lack of coloured sails
Steering erratic course to avoid hurting flying fish
Owners of boat too tight to spend money on diesel to motor to finish
Waiting for Tesco home delivery service for fresh food
going slowly in order to catch fish
Retracing course to retrieve lost fishing lures - 8 to date
George was reading and this was such a rare event we didnt like to disturb him
Wanted to arrive in Rodney Bay in the daylight.
Celia and Roger really enjoy the challenge of cooking at 45 degrees and dont want the galley to be straight again!!
Fear that we will not be able to stand up on dry land.
Enjoying being tee total (only joking)
Need to use up all the food.
ALICE and co