Day 15; Rubbish

Mon 6 Dec 2010 12:16
Its Monday morning and at home we put our dustbins out to be emptied.  There are no dustbin lorries out here, 1000 miles from land so we have to do things differently.  Anything biodegradable that can be fish food goes over the side.  We disposed of as much as possible in Las Palmas but the main problem is plastic and tetra pak packaging.  This is all washed and then cut up with snippers into little shreds (takes ages but gives people something to do).  Its all wrapped up and then stored in the dinghy.  So the photo is of two weeks rubbish.
Our latest problem is with our fresh water tank.  The watermaker has been rather temperamental but as fast as we are making it the gauge on the tank is going down.  There is fresh water in the bilges and we are trying to work out where it is coming from.  We isolated one full tank so still have enough to get us to St Lucia plus bottled as well.
1000 miles to go and we have been sailing constantly for over 48 hours now.  We had our best day yesterday covering 177 miles on the log in 24 hours. The engine is only going on to top up the batteries, not to propel us forwards (this is because the generator packed up).
and her crew 
14.36N  43.46W