A better night

Fri 10 Dec 2010 12:26
We had a slightly calmer night last night and had gybed so we were on a different heading and getting a better wave direction. Also the wind had dropped.  Now only 312 miles to go.  ETA is Sunday morning if the wind stays the same.
Yesterday afternoon when we were sitting reading in the cockpit, Andrew suddenly shrieked and jumped up.  A very tiny flying fish had flown up the leg of his shorts.  There were blue fish scales all over his leg.  I should think the fish was as shocked as he was!!
Luckily nobody has been sea sick on this trip.  This is mainly due to stugeron.  Some of the crew have been on it continuously which has made them very drowsy.  In fact at one point Andrew felt he was sailing single handed as everyone else but him was taking it!!  Celia got her sea legs within a couple of days too.
Last night's meal was beef stew (cooked in Las Palmas and frozen) and rice.  Easy meals in one or two pans.  It is a real juggling act keeping the food in the pans and serving up.  Bowls and spoons are used most nights.