sunshine in Les Sables

Fri 6 Aug 2010 18:05
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We were hit by fog again in Concarneau but it cleared by lunchtime and we managed to get away.  Next stop was Port Louis - a delightful town in the Lorient region.  From there we headed to Piriac sur Mer.  We went out for a meal and were all so cold there that we had our coats on inside the restaurant!  Roll on the Caribbean!!  Another very pretty town but the most expensive mooring to date - 70 euros. We were there just over 12 hours and used none of their facilities! Seemed particularly expensive when we saw you could park a camper van just inside the city walls right by the beach for all of 5 euros!!  The next morning we took our leave of Ann, Paul and James on Lacoushla.  We really enjoyed their company and also the fact that they know the way!  I shall have to do the navigation myself now.  We headed down to Ile de Yeu.  A much calmer day so decided to anchor outside the town of Port Joinville.  We went in to have a look in the tender.  What a dump!  The marina was heaving and we were very pleased we had not tried to get in there.  There was nowhere to leave the dinghy safely, so had a really quick look ashore.  The place was absolutely heaving.  Ferries were arriving with hundreds of people at a time all with loads of luggage.  We couldn't get out quick enough.  Very disappointing as I had been looking forward to visiting there.  A mishap with the dinghy davits, fortunately we were able to get new bits and Andrew repaired it when we got to Les Sables.  Had to tow the dinghy over to Les Sables D'Olonne.  Took Lizzie to La Rochelle airport yesterday which is much smaller than Hurn.  Chris and Roger arrive on Sunday and weather permitting we will cross Biscay then.  Spending these few days doing maintenance.  There is always plenty to do;  shopping, washing (so pleased we fitted my baby washing machine), cleaning and polishing.  Andrew has lee cloths to fit, engine to check etc. etc.
Andrew by the citadel in Port Louis
Lizzie with one of her favourite meringues
by the mosaics in Les Sables
This boat looks as tho its been everywhere - glad I wasn't on it!