A warm St Lucia welcome

Mon 13 Dec 2010 15:19
We arrived in St Lucia and crossed the finish line at 11.05 local time, we were the 83rd ARC boat to arrive.  We had completed 3362 nautical miles in 3 weeks.   A wonderful welcome with people waving and blowing horns etc.  We were then given rum punch, cold beers and a basket with fruit and rum.  Formalities had to be completed and catching up with friends who had beaten us in.  Well done to Caduceus, Bonobo, Rikaros, Big Spirit and all the others.  This seemed to take most of the rest of the day.  George and Roger went off to find the cold beer at lunchtime!   In  the evening we had a bottle of bubbly and a few glasses of wine and  lovely fillet steak and chips at one of the restaurants in the marina.
A lovely night's sleep in a bed that didn't move although we did wake up to do night watches!  Today is being spent doing the laundry and cleaning the boat.
Rodney Bay Marina is buzzing, lots going on.  Haven't made it out of the marina yet to have a look round but will do that soon.  Today is St Lucia day and its a bank holiday.  There is a lot of live entertainment to go and watch.
Alice celebrating arrival in St Lucia
From Alice
Signing off now that we are safely back in harbour and handing over to the people again.