water leaks

Tue 7 Dec 2010 12:21
Yesterday was again spent with floorboards up and Andrew trying to find the source of a leak.  The bilges were again full of fresh water.  By isolating the tanks it seems that it is the hot water cylinder that is leaking.  He emptied it out and now we will watch and see if the leaks have stopped.  The port tank had emptied out and the watermaker was acting up but finally made some water so we will see if it is still there in the morning!  At least we have a full starboard tank to get us to St Lucia plus a lot of bottles.
Still sailing nicely.  We saw another boat today and called them up.  It was the Norwegian boat Rikaros again.  We last went past them on Wednesday, both went in different directions and crossed paths again.   We had a chat with them before they went off on a different course to us.  We know those boats are fast as its a Bavaria 46 like Scath.
ETA in St Lucia is Sunday if the winds stay the same.
Update at 11.14 UTC.
Still some water in the port tank so probably is the hot water cylinder that has failed.  Just hope we can get it sorted out in St Lucia.  Still the cold water is not freezing any more!
In the last 150 miles we have averaged 8.2 knots!  Broad reach with genoa and main.  It felt like a roller coaster so nobody slept much.  New top speed is 12.6 knots.  834 miles to go.
At 07.00 UTC we passed the mid Atlantic buoy about 1 to 2 miles to port.