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Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Fri 22 Apr 2011 18:30
Hi everyone!
Well we left Antigua at 10 am on Wednesday morning and we headed on a course of 300 degrees for the top of bvi. In the end we had a very good trip and we sailed/motored for around 28 hours and made the trip of around 210 miles in good shape.
The boat went well and the swell stayed quite consistent but did pipe up to 3 m at the end of the trip.
We had a lovely view of dolphins as the sun went down on the first night and they swam with the boat for around 30 mins, really made the trip and made us feel a little more cheery!
We caught no fish even though we were trawling for over 25 hours! Must be the technique...

We are now hanging around the bvi to chill and await our boat shipment date. Then we head to the usvi and grab our visa for entry in to the USA
Will keep everyone updated.
Nick and Anna