RE: Christmas Shenanigans

Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Sat 25 Dec 2010 23:05

Happy Christmas peeps and greetings from sunny St Maartens where the temperature has been sweltering on Christmas day – not the best combination with a raging hangover!!


Its been a busy week and we have done a number of day trips although Tom Tom has had a bit of a rest in the peacefulness of our Marina in Simpson Bay- the home of the worlds super yachts where currently no less than Roman Abramavich, Steven Spielberg and Tommy Hillfiger have their fine specimens resting – we really are getting to the stage where a 200 feet boat seems … dare we say it…. Small!!


We have graced the beaches of St Maartens during our time here such as Happy Bay – truelly breathtaking and out of the way with a derelict hotel round the corner which was previously hit by a hurricane and has been left to the elements –but out of site of the palm fringed beach! We have also been using the folding bikes Pippa, Craig and my mum bought us and ventured to Mullet Bay with its huge waves and light blue seas, as well as the airport beach to see very close views of the planes take off – not to mention the sandstorms left in their wake!   


Our first day trip was to St Barts on a fast catamaran service (to avoid having to check in and out of customs with Tom Tom).  The island is absolutely amazing and immaculately well groomed with good roads, stunning beaches, highly expensive shops (suits me to the ground although I am behaving and just window shopping!!) and mingling with yet more super yachts and Wally’s… we went to a stunning beach a small cab ride away and have discovered that the general rule is that any beach which is for nudists, tends to be the most beautiful – although we have not dared to drop our kegs quite yet!!!


We then went to Anguilla (near St Maarten) for our second day trip on what we have called our ‘Christmas AGM’ – the winds were out and our plans to go to Prickly Pear island were diverted to the mainland by the captain who was anxious that the restaurant owner for lunch couldn’t get out in his dinghy in the choppy waters – so the sand stretched shores of Anguila mainland  it was – with all its fine glory of snorkelling on the reef with the tropical fish in the warm sea – only for Nick to comment that he had seen more tropical fish in a fish tank – always the sceptic!!


On the news front, we have a boat moored next door to us called Guppy which is being sailed by a girl called Laura from the Netherlands who is currently attempting to be the youngest person sailing around the world – she is here for a few days rest with family having made the maiden voyage from Cape Verde and we have had all the thrills and excitement of a Dutch film crew following her - not to mention her ‘local hero’ status at St Maarten Yacht Club!!  You have probably seen her on the UK news a few months ago as she tried to build a case to allow the courts to let her sail…. The verdict is still out…..


For Christmas Eve, we were a little reserved as our loved ones celebrated at home without us in the mystical snow which seems so far away.  However it turned out to be a cracker of a night with visits to the Soggy Dollar bar which had us swaying to the rhythms (although that might have been the rum!)  We met a fantastic couple from Gosport and the Isle of Wight called Matt and Trish and spent the evening on Mount Gay rums and cokes.  Just when we thought we had enough and planned to meander back after midnight, someone had the great idea to take the rib for a spin in Simpson Bay – circling past all the big boats who couldn’t get through the bridge gate.  Someone else had the great idea that we should all jump in the water which amused us no end as we contemplated the ridiculousness of it, the warm sea and the twinkling stars.  After an impromptu return to the boat for a bottle of champagne, we returned back to the lagoon for an encore – the finale was a 4am finish and a cracking hangover which has left us a little tired and emotional today (no sympathy there!!) And so we are now contemplating where we are going to have our Turkey dinner having been spoiled rotten by family with piles of pressies in the cockpit – photos to follow!


We are now contemplating where to spend New Year – we have a window to go to Antigua on Monday / Tuesday but have just received an invite to go to St Barts for a few days on a 90 ft super maxi from the Whitbread days…..  decisions decisions!!


Have a great Christmas!!! xxx