Magens Bay and Crown Bay Marina

Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Wed 24 Nov 2010 21:57
Last night we went down to Crown Bay Marina; the other end of St Thomas to speak with the marina office and ensure that Tom Tom is booked in for her arrival - very nice people and also was shown to her berth. Very snug but at least we have a pontoon and not the normal stern to mooring that makes getting supplies on board a task. She will be moored their for approx 4 -5 days whilst we un pack and get all the bits and pieces sorted - wind vane needs re assembling along with the spray hood (which will be necessary given the size of sea) and the all important bimini which you cant live without.
Conditions at present are around 85 degrees and wind has dropped to 15 gusting 25 - wave height 6 to 8 feet at intervals of 8 seconds - this all sounds scientific but actually is quite important as our first sail will be beating all the way to windward and if the sea is steep and short intervals will make for hard work!
So we are looking to get Tom Tom off loaded this Friday at around 11 am local time which we are very excited about - hotels are lovely but certainly become very boring after a very short time; will be nice to see some familiar clothes and cooking items.

Today (Wednesday) we headed to the beach for the first time and picked the wrong day - 6 cruise liners turned up which means that everyone heads for the beach. It was very enjoyable though and the weather really warm so tan is coming on well! I hear snow is due in the UK (nightmare)
We have attached some photos of the beach below and some general pictures to give the general flavour. I am still struggling with the blog as we cant seem to put any comments below the photos which is annoying but I have my technical mail company taking a look today -  i think it is user error though!!!!

Amazing Lizards on the Beach
Magens Bay
Amazing Water
Night out
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