Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Tue 15 Mar 2011 21:08
We have now jumped to Antigua, sorry for the lack of blogs but we have been enjoying the sun too much and not that focused on using the laptop!
We have been moored in jolly harbour next to a villa that we have been staying in which is nice, feels like port Solent in the sun. Lots to do and we have been playing tennis, well a form of tennis which then involves lots of drinking in the bar afterwards as part of happy hour.
We have now moved to English harbour which is quite fantastic, old nelsons dockyard and stern to against a very old quay side' the sail down here was lovely 15-20 knots of breeze with no waves so made it here in very quicktime:
The boat is looking great again as we have just been repainted with a new antifouling that works better in the heat and the warmer water... To date no weed growth.
I also changed the cutlass bearing which I managed to machine a new bronze one and not the rubbish rubber one that beneteau supply: all seems better and just hoping my diy stands up to the rigours of sailing.
We are heading to some anchorages over the next few days and then back to jolly harbour where our friends trish and matt have arrived and we are planning sailing with them for a few days and playing some doubles tennis.

We will continue to upload the pics and everyone seems to be enjoying the news and also the lovely sunny images.

See you all soon

N&A s/y Tom Tom