RTYC Rally

Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Tue 15 Feb 2011 12:29
Well we have arrived for the start of the RTYC yacht club rally â something that we thought not to be possible due to how far south and how bad the weather has been! we have all met in Marigot bay with the intention of sailing to St Vincent and the Grenadines and meeting Tuesday in Bequia â all in all around 90 miles south of St Lucia!
The weather forecast was not looking too good hence some boats have stayed in St Lucia but we decided to head out and head south even though clearing customs late (caribbean style) meant arriving at night to anchor stern to with a line ashore on the beach! (fun and games)
We have had a large low pressure across this part of the caribbean that seems stuck and wont leave!
Weather forecast was for 22 knots of breeze and 3m waves â in the end we had 30 knots of constant breeze, rain squalls kicking up 45 knots and very large waves... we had our full waterproofs on and harnesses so it felt like the uk â in the end we averages 8.4 knots and got to St Vincent just as dark began... some of the highlights was lots of dolphins jumping out of the water and also a whole packet of Jaffa cakes (lovely)
The wind is now more or less on the beam â but we did decide to try and sail up wind for a few minutes to see how rough and wet it would be and the answer is YES very wet -
The plan with the yacht club when everyone arrives is dinner tonight (tuesday) bequia followed by sailing to mustique tomorrow (up wind) and then south towards Grenada for the end of the rally at the end of Feb; it is nice to have some company and see some old friends.
More to follow with updates and pictures
N & A x