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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jul 2015
Fri 24 Jul 13:27 Ramsgate home again 51:19.86N 1:25.14E
Fri 17 Jul 17:09 Eastbourne to Dover and it’s n early all over 51:07.06N 1:18.61E
Wed 15 Jul 20:25 Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne 50:47.45N 0:19.66E
Tue 14 Jul 19:18 Yarmouth IOW 50:42.36N 1:30.16W
Mon 13 Jul 18:33 Arrived Lymington 50:45.14N 1:31.52W
Sun 12 Jul 16:45 Brixham to Weymouth…..Martha has arrived 50:36.49N 2:26.92W
Thu 09 Jul 11:39 Horta to Brixham…..5 arrived 50:23.91N 3:30.56W
Tue 07 Jul 08:32 Horta to Brixham…..4 47:22.31N 8:58.47W
Sun 05 Jul 10:09 Horta to Brixham 3 44:18.84N 14:16.85W
Fri 03 Jul 09:28 Horta to Brixham 2 41:04.52N 18:55.54W
Wed 01 Jul 08:41 Horta to Brixham 1 39:02.13N 24:09.28W
Jun 2015
Mon 29 Jun 13:18 Horta...Azores 38:31.53N 28:37.30W
Fri 26 Jun 14:05 Flores to Horta…Willem arrives a nd we have a great stay on a lov ely island 38:31.53N 28:37.30W
Tue 23 Jun 09:40 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 8 ... Picture Gallery B 39:22.82N 31:09.96W
Tue 23 Jun 09:32 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 8 ... Picture Gallery A 39:22.82N 31:09.96W
Mon 22 Jun 10:49 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 7 ... The final run in 39:09.56N 32:10.74W
Sun 21 Jun 11:52 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 6 ... Nearly lost the mast by Jen 38:30.17N 34:54.97W
Fri 19 Jun 13:27 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 5 ... just bob-bob-bobbing along 37:35.81N 40:11.41W
Wed 17 Jun 16:02 Fw: Bermuda to Flores, Azores 4...Norma has her say 36:27.21N 45:32.93W
Mon 15 Jun 09:16 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 3, Strong winds and wet decks 36:20.21N 50:43.50W
Sat 13 Jun 13:58 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 2, Jen has her say! 36:01.76N 57:29.77W
Thu 11 Jun 19:10 Bermuda to Flores, Azores 1 33:17.72N 61:01.66W
Tue 09 Jun 13:16 Bermuda Departure day and my Birthday 32:22.69N 64:40.94W
Sun 07 Jun 19:57 Wilmington to Bermuda Day 7 Arrived 32:22.69N 64:40.94W
Sat 06 Jun 10:39 Wilmington to Bermuda Day 6 Saturday 32:22.51N 67:04.42W
Wed 03 Jun 10:37 Wilmington to Bermuda Day 4 32:48.85N 69:54.96W
Mon 01 Jun 10:34 Wilmington to Bermuda Day 2 32:52.70N 73:55.60W
May 2015
Sun 31 May 12:34 On our way Wilmington to Bermuda 34:15.37N 79:56.87W
Fri 29 May 12:24 Wilmington: Shopping, Shopping, New batteries, Alligators and Snakes 34:15.37N 79:56.87W
Fri 22 May 22:50 Wilmington area with Tommy and Sue. 34:15.37N 77:56.87W
Sun 17 May 16:04 Georgetown to Wilmington and we finish with the ICW. 34:15.37N 77:56.86W
Wed 13 May 13:30 Georgetown North Carolina….Mosqu itoes, No-See-Ums and things tha t go bite in the night 33:21.95N 79:17.06W
Sat 09 May 03:06 Beaufort North Carolina to Charlestown...Rain, Wind and we meet Jen 32:46.43N 79:56.83W
Wed 06 May 14:48 We are in Savannah I do declare...Forest Gump, lovely people, and new crew 32:25.81N 80:40.57W
Apr 2015
Thu 30 Apr 01:10 Good bye to Right Turn, Lovely St Marys, shallow water, No-See-Ums and Otters 30:42.97N 81:33.19W
Sat 25 Apr 00:37 Tourists in St Augustine, Flying dolphins and transformers 29:53.73N 81:18.39W
Mon 20 Apr 17:06 Arrived in St Augustine, aground again and anchored under a forts guns 29:53.73N 81:18.39W
Tue 14 Apr 22:53 Arrived Titusville 28:37.11N 80:48.33W
Tue 14 Apr 00:05 Fort Pierce, Air boats, Aligators, Manatees, Racoons and Spacemen 27:27.02N 80:19.38W
Fri 10 Apr 19:29 Riveira Beach to Fort Pierce, Gemma, Duncan, Lily, and the bump gets a name. 26:46.40N 80:03.10W
Mar 2015
Tue 31 Mar 01:13 Nassau, Chubb Cay, overnight to Fort Lauderdale and we start up the ICW. 26:34.90N 80:02.88W
Mon 30 Mar 22:34 Position update Fort Lauderdale 26:07.14N 80:06.61W
Mon 30 Mar 22:33 Position Update Chubb Cay 25:24.58N 77:54.62W
Tue 24 Mar 14:13 Waderwick Wells-Cay-Allans Cay and back to Nassau picture update+change of plans 24:45.28N 76:50.54W
Mon 23 Mar 18:58 Oyster Cay-Waderwick Wells-Cay-B oo Boo Hill–Coral reefs and big barracuda 24:22.90N 76:37.90W
Sun 22 Mar 23:04 Nassau, Visas and back South to Oyster Cay & a close encounter with a big shark 24:47.75N 76:49.81W
Mon 16 Mar 12:23 Thunderball Grotto, Normans Cay and Nassau 25:04.53N 77:18.72W
Fri 13 Mar 14:45 Farmers Cay to Big Majors Spot - Dolphins, Sharks, and swimming pigs 24:10.88N 76:27.76W
Thu 12 Mar 11:52 George Town to Farmers Cay, Bahamas and I catch a big fish with big teeth. 23:57.75N 76:19.23W
Sat 07 Mar 14:53 Turks and Caicos to George Town, Bahamas 23:30.44N 75:45.62W
Fri 06 Mar 14:50 Crooked Island position update 22:49.31N 74:20.89W
Wed 04 Mar 14:49 Plana Cays position update 22:35.20N 73:37.70W
Wed 04 Mar 14:46 Turks and Caicos pictures 22:20.01N 73:02.30W
Wed 04 Mar 00:39 Puerto Rico to the Turks and Caicos Islands, plus a close encounter with Humpback Whales. 21:28.43N 71:09.49W
Sun 01 Mar 17:20 Puerto Rico and Goodbye to Steve v1.1 18:27.55N 66:05.64W
Feb 2015
Thu 26 Feb 19:46 USVI's, The Spanish Virgin Islands and we arrive in Puer to Rico 18:19.22N 65:12.75W
Sat 21 Feb 17:36 BVI’s and USVI’s 18:20.32N 64:55.83W
Wed 18 Feb 12:48 Anguilla to Virgin Gorda and onto Tortola 18:25.44N 64:36.70W
Sat 14 Feb 12:51 St Kitts, Eustacia, Sint Maarten, St Martin and Anguilla 18:12.20N 63:06.04W
Tue 10 Feb 17:56 Sint Maarten position update 18:01.09N 63:02.86W
Thu 05 Feb 16:21 Montserrat....Whales, a horrible nights sleep at anchor and lost Irish kingdoms 16:48.05N 62:12.48W
Wed 04 Feb 03:39 Antigua………….Big boats, Madem oiselles in distress and Jump up s. 17:03.95N 61:53.01W
Jan 2015
Fri 30 Jan 14:53 Guadeloupe-Antigua………….Turtle re scues and Cul de Sacs 17:00.31N 61:45.63W
Fri 30 Jan 13:55 Guadeloupe position update 16:13.31N 61:31.73W
Mon 26 Jan 23:32 Iles de Saintes 2 ………….. Beaches and ice cream 15:52.11N 61:34.56W
Mon 26 Jan 15:21 Ile de Saints 15:52.11N 61:34.56W
Mon 26 Jan 13:39 Dominica, Swamps. Mosquitoes, and Pirates of the Caribbean 15:34.85N 61:27.81W
Thu 22 Jan 18:00 Martinique 14:33.53N 61:06.83W
Sun 18 Jan 14:57 St Lucia – Rodney Bay 14:04.43N 60:56.93W
Thu 15 Jan 14:40 St Lucia – Marigot Bay 13:57.96N 61:01.47W
Wed 14 Jan 14:31 St Vincent and the Grenadines- Bequia 13:01.00N 61:15.50W
Wed 14 Jan 11:53 Canouan 12 Jan Position update 12:43.00N 61:25.50W
Wed 14 Jan 11:50 Tobago Cays 11 Jan position update 12:39.60N 61:22.90W
Sat 10 Jan 16:44 St Vincent and the Grenadines-Union Island and poison fruit 12:36.20N 61:27.12W
Thu 08 Jan 14:32 Grenada 4 . . . Hog Island, True Blue Bay and Carriacou 12:27.40N 61:29.24W
Thu 08 Jan 14:25 Grenada 3 photo update 12:00.00N 61:44.00W
Sun 04 Jan 20:43 Grenada 2
Fri 02 Jan 13:26 Barbados to Grenada 1 12:02.77N 61:44.85W
Dec 2014
Fri 26 Dec 15:43 Barbados 3
Wed 17 Dec 13:44 Barbados 2, 17th Dec catch up
Tue 16 Dec 14:37 Going west 1c dolphins
Tue 16 Dec 14:22 Going west Pics 1b
Tue 16 Dec 14:05 Going West pics 1a
Sat 13 Dec 16:11 Barbados 1 13:05.45N 59:36.48W
Tue 09 Dec 21:03 Heading West Seventh Blog, nearly there 12:53.41N 58:20.33W
Sun 07 Dec 16:32 Heading West Sixth Blog, Special moments, S:@t, Ships, Sails and Soda bread 13:00.41N 52:56.33W
Fri 05 Dec 14:07 Heading West Fifth Blog, back to me I'm afraid 13:08.49N 48:04.47W
Wed 03 Dec 13:43 Heading West Fourth Blog, Peter has his say 13:30.46N 43:38.73W
Mon 01 Dec 12:32 Heading West Third Blog, A view from the Bosons chair 15:30.05N 39:58.36W
Nov 2014
Sat 29 Nov 13:13 Heading West Second Blog, Norma's bit 15:59.22N 35:12.99W
Thu 27 Nov 12:48 Heading West first blog 16:34.00N 29:46.45W
Tue 25 Nov 09:17 The big off 16:53.21N 24:59.48W
Sun 23 Nov 10:53 Mindelo Cape Verdes and 3000 milestone reached 16:53.21N 24:59.48W
Thu 20 Nov 13:54 Pictures from Sal
Thu 20 Nov 13:46 Steve the hunter
Thu 20 Nov 13:43 Leaving Tennerife pics
Thu 20 Nov 13:30 Sal Cape Verdes and our fishermen break their duck 16:45.26N 22:58.77W
Tue 18 Nov 12:21 Nearly There 19:39.38N 21:37.27W
Sun 16 Nov 10:11 Jo 21:42.84N 19:59.93W
Sat 15 Nov 11:25 Clear Skies and Steady Winds 150 Miles West of Morocco 23:57.38N 19:08.27W
Thu 13 Nov 09:32 Goodbye Tenerife
Mon 10 Nov 19:05 Lift out and a room with a bath 28:01.17N 16:36.80W
Wed 05 Nov 17:11 Tenerife San Miguel Marina 28:01.17N 16:36.80W
Oct 2014
Thu 30 Oct 23:05 Salvage Islands (Ilhas Selvagens) to Tennerife 28:01.17N 16:36.80W
Wed 29 Oct 12:24 Madeira to the Salvage Islands -------- Ilhas Selvagens 30:08.96N 15:57.80W
Sun 26 Oct 13:24 a few more pics
Sun 26 Oct 11:18 Madeira at last 32:38.70N 16:54.63W
Wed 22 Oct 15:36 Sines to Madeira-------------Or Tyranny of the Tiller!!! 33:20.40N 15:50.09W
Mon 20 Oct 14:08 Sines to Madeira update 36:19.09N 11:25.02W
Sat 18 Oct 14:47 Stir crazy in Sines
Thu 16 Oct 07:46 We are stuck for the moment
Wed 15 Oct 20:22 Fw: Peniche, Cascais, Sines and new Crew 37:57.01N 8:51.96W
Sat 11 Oct 08:17 38:41.30N 9:25.11W 38:41.30N 9:25.11W
Thu 09 Oct 10:15 Figueira da Foz to Nazare to Pen iche…………… ………. and a fish at last! 39:21.12N 9:22.60W
Tue 07 Oct 08:10 39:35.5N 9:04.5W 39:35.50N 9:04.50W
Sun 05 Oct 10:24 Porto and Figuiera da Foz with lots of dolphins! 40:08.86N 8:51.44W
Thu 02 Oct 09:26 Vigo to Viana do Castelo and on to Porto…………First 1000 miles log ged 41:08.59N 8:39.05W
Sep 2014
Tue 30 Sep 13:24 Viana do Castelo 41:42.00N 8:50.00W
Mon 29 Sep 17:46 Caraminal to Eugenia (Uxia) to Isla Salvora to Vigo or a lot of firsts 42:13.95N 8:44.58W
Sun 28 Sep 20:11 isla Salvora 27 September 2014 42:23.27N 8:55.49W
Sun 28 Sep 09:27 Eugenia position update 42:33.81N 8:59.36W
Fri 26 Sep 11:35 Fw: Muros to Caraminal, or high winds and fish hooks 42:36.26N 8:56.05W
Tue 23 Sep 21:22 Portosin and Muros, or plan left go right. 42:46.58N 9:03.36W
Sun 21 Sep 16:15 All alone and the great escape 42:45.82N 8:56.77W
Fri 19 Sep 10:20 Weather, more weather and Fare-thee-Wells, 19 September 2014
Wed 17 Sep 14:17 La Caruna to Muxia, Dancing in the streets and weather bound 43:06.29N 9:12.84W
Sun 14 Sep 22:33 La Coruna the day after the night before
Sat 13 Sep 10:04 Arrived La Caruna 43:22.06N 8:23.79W
Fri 12 Sep 11:49 Guernsey-Biscay-La Coruna days 2-3 45:02.29N 7:37.11W
Wed 10 Sep 13:25 Position Report 1530 FST 10 Sept 2014 48:30.93N 5:09.65W
Mon 08 Sep 18:15 Guernsey and the Alderney Race 49:27.31N 2:32.09W
Sun 07 Sep 21:03 49:38.7N 01:37.2W 49:38.70N 1:37.20W
Sat 06 Sep 19:09 Maintenance, Changing plans, hitch hikers and fog: 4-6 Sept 2014 49:45.97N 0:21.90E
Thu 04 Sep 18:08 A day on the beach
Tue 02 Sep 20:04 Calais to St Valery Sur Somme 50:10.82N 1:38.72E 50:10.82N 1:38.72E
Mon 01 Sep 18:05 (no subject) 50:57.69N 1:50.63E
Aug 2014
Sun 31 Aug 17:47 First Blog getting ready to go and Calais end of Aug 2014
Wed 27 Aug 13:06 (no subject) 51:19.81N 1:25.11E